Delta Pilots Tentative Agreement

Welcome to the Delta Contract 2019 Tentative Agreement (TA) website. This will provide access to the Contract 2019 TA and Global Scope LOA TA (when briefed). In addition to the full language, this site will also include the following information as it becomes available:

  • Negotiators’ Notepads that add context and clarity to each section
  • Supporting documentation to include the Executive Summary and information on grievance resolution
  • Frequently Asked Questions, updated on a regular basis
  • Pro/Con Paper highlighting the pros and cons of each section, developed by elected reps
  • Engage Podcast episodes relevant to the agreements and process
Please submit your questions and feedback to your reps, or via the ACE for Unions app, DART, or

Negotiators’ Notepads

C2019 Tentative Agreement Reached

Section 1 (Scope)

Global Scope

Section 3 (Compensation)
Section 4 (Minimum Pay and Credit Guarantees)
Section 5 (Lodging and Expenses)

Section 12 (Hours of Service)

Section 23 (Scheduling)

Section 7 (Vacations)

Section 8 (Deadhead)

Section 13 (Leaves of Absence)
Section 14 (Sick Leave)

Section 11 (Training)
Section 22 (Filling of Vacancies)

Section 10 (Seniority List Instructors, Line Check Pilots & Line Validation Pilots)

Section 25 (Medical, Dental, Life Insurance and Other Benefits)

Section 26 (Retirement and Disability Benefits)

Section 20 (Seniority)
Section 21 (Furlough and Recall)
Section 24 (General)

Section 6 (Relocation)
Section 15 (Physical Examinations)
Section 16 (Crew Augmentation and International Operations)
Section 18 (Grievances)
Section 19 (System Board of Adjustment)

C2019 TA Reference Guide


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Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Submit questions via the ACE for Unions app, DART, or